These presentations come from a wide range of my body of work...utilizing images derived from digital SLR, film, cross-processing, digital manipulation, in-camera multiple exposure, formats from 35mm to large format.


This is modular, never-ending - growing with me as I feel inspired to add to the collection, maybe pulling images from other series' to plug-in somehow here, to complete a skewed and weighted view. 


I am relying on color and design in most of these juxtapositions to create something I hadn't conceived previously. None of the compositions, at least so far, have been conscioutiously preconceived. Rather, I discover connections or relationships - or fabricate them, in some cases, and reassemble the content in a way that intrigues me. Maybe I am searching for meaning and beauty or just asking more questions. I don't want to instruct the viewer with these images, letting them engage or not and infer as they want; but for me, at this moment, I feel I'm using this series as an analogy for the search for understanding, connection, order out of chaos/randomness. Or perhaps just trying to come to terms and accepting the randomness of it all and find space in it for connection whether or not order is possible, even if it means fabricating that connection. Life is but a dream, what we make of it - we can't control what happens to us often times but how we perceive the moments...maybe Lewis Caroll's stories factor here for me, as the nonsensical of Wonderland has always had a fascination for me. 


Sometimes it takes me a long time to understand my motives for creating certain works or stopping to take a photo spontaneously - or even when I produce concept work because it is often an image or idea that comes like a daydream...and it doesn't always reveal a raison d'etre. And I like that about this series. Sometimes it just feels right and there is a child-like impishness in just wanting to do this or that. And I have this bin of seemingly "random" imagery - it seems smart to try to do something with it. Like Grandma might do with her box of remnants; fashion them together in a way to be useful and pleasing...or at least useful. These images either please me or make me think or feel something. And for me, at them moment, that is useful.

Uneven diptychs, on-going

© Melissa Kolaks Broaddus