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These presentations come from a range of my body of work...utilizing images derived from digital SLR, film, chrome, cross-processing, digital manipulation, in-camera multiple exposures, utilizing formats from 35mm to large format, etc.


This is a modular series - one which I will add to over an extended period of time,  


I am relying on color and design in most of these juxtapositions to create something I hadn't previously conceived. None of the compositions, at least so far, have been consciously preconceived. Rather, I discover connections or relationships - or impose them if inspired - to convey an emotion or concept, creating a new context for these images.


Maybe I am searching for meaning and beauty or just asking questions. I don't want to instruct the viewer with these images, letting them engage or not and infer as they want; but for me, at this moment, I feel I'm using this series as an analogy for the search for understanding, connection, order out of chaos/randomness. Or perhaps just trying to come to terms and accepting the randomness of it all. Life is but a dream, what we make of it - we can't control what happens to us oftentimes but how we perceive the moments...maybe Lewis Caroll's stories factor here for me, as the nonsensical of Wonderland has always had a fascination for so many.


Sometimes it takes time to understand my motives for creating certain works - even when I produce concept work because it is often an image or idea that comes like a daydream...and it doesn't always reveal a reason for being at the start. And I like that about this series. Sometimes it just feels right and there is a child-like impishness in just wanting to do this or that. And I have this bin of seemingly "random" imagery - it seems smart to try to do something with it. Like Grandma might do with her box of remnants, putting a quilt together; fashion bits of the leftovers together with specifically chosen fabrics to create something new and beautiful...or at least useful. These images please me in their uneven pairings in a very different way than they do on their own. Yet some I feel are right on their own as well and should be able to exist in several different contexts. 

Uneven diptychs, on-going
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