I have quit a bit more to add here and perhaps I will eventually organize by region or country. However, the arbitrary but-not-really-arbitrary arrangement here appeals to me for the moment. I hadn't intended to leave my portrait business in LA so suddenly as I did in mid-2014. My mom's terminal illness happening at the same time we relocated to Spain left me feeling rather uninspired and understandably myopically focused on her well-being and care. The travel I was able to take advantage of in these subsequent months and years after her passing where almost forced exercises. In fact, I there were a couple of trips were I refrained from carrying my SLR at all - sacrilege - I must not be serious about my craft. Not so...I saw the world in an acute way in these times but also without time and with almost a need to not document it in a physical way at all. Sometimes I let myself do the easy thing with my phone camera and have yet to edit and select any of those images to share. I believe on a trip to Copenhagen and one to London I acted only with the phone camera. I suppose these time between 2014 and the end of 2018 felt still and empty in many ways and without time. And in parallel time was passing me by quickly, aware that I didn't feel I was capitalizing on all that was around me. It was enough to get up and breath some days - that was difficult enough. But my mind felt always to be grappling with issues that tended to overwhelm... I'm not yet sure how I will want to present these images or how they may manifest or overlap in other works to come or series I've yet to finish. I am very interested in how I feel compelled in ways to recycle and repurpose images in my on projects - I like the idea of reiterating over and over with variations...And yet, also feel like the image should be sacred and contained to one type of presentation. The tension in this is something I feel I will be exploring for some time.

© Melissa Kolaks Broaddus