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SERIES and other collections

These string sculptures are captured using 4x5 black & white film. They are macro images, the sculptures, only 2-3 inches tall and wide. I would destroy the sculpture once shot and discover a new entity with the same piece of string.


Approaching New Year, MO HWY 65 - in progress

Images captured in transit from one family visit to another between Christmas and New Year's Day; a personal journal of moments captured a road trip. The landscape in the winter between the small towns can feel quite desolate yet the empty spaces and selective pops of color compelled me to make fleeting moments permanent, after having lived in dense cities for over a decade where the horizon is not open. The vastness and the cold winter air outside in contrast with the cozy nostalgia of holiday travel back to see family - inspired me to thoughts about where I'd been and where I would be going next. So much is temporary and yet the landscape here is familiar and much unchanged since my childhood - at least in these more remote stretches of the state. But even what seems permanent has its cycles and is always in motion, like our bodies hurling along the highway toward a reuniting with family, a few days to catch up and indulge, before returning to the warm coast of California, until another year counts down and we might be able to repeat the process.

Miscellaneous subjects, paired unevenly with respect to canvas proportions

Suspension - in progress

Objects suspended in the space of an undefined landscape

Travel - things I have seen - galleries coming soon

A range of images from the US and Europe 

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